What are you doing Thursday Night? Special HIV and Syphilis Testing Clinic for gay/bi/queer guys

    What’s happening?

    A FREE testing clinic for all GAY, BI, QUEER GUYS, including trans guys, brought to you by Hassle Free Clinic and ACT.
    • Anonymous
    • Fast
    • No appointment needed – just come in!

    399 Church St., 4th floor (south east corner of Church and Carlton).

    Every THURSDAY: FEBRUARY 14 – APRIL 18, 2013 from 6 - 9pm. (NOTE: Last "walk-in" for testing is at 8:30pm - depending on how busy it has been, the cut-off time for last tests may be earlier)
    Why get tested for Syphilis?

    Syphilis is still here in Toronto. It can make you very sick. If you’re poz (HIV-positive), it can make you very, very sick. Syphilis is easy to get and to pass on - but it can be treated. So get tested and treated if needed. Find out more about syphilis here.
    Why Get Tested for HIV?

    Did you know that almost 25% of gay/bi/queer guys with HIV don’t know they have it? HIV testing at this clinic is fast – you can get your result in 20 - 30 minutes – and anonymous (no one will know your name or that you’ve been tested). Find out more about testing for HIV here.
    Why ACT and Hassle Free Clinic?

    We care about your health! Through this clinic we're making it easier than ever to get tested. We’ll hook you up with resources to go, the best variety of safer sex materials and we'll let you know about services at Hassle Free and ACT. Find out more about ACT's programs and services here.