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Condom Stuffing Party

ACT is one of the largest distributors of free condom and lube packs in Toronto. Locations across the city, including bars and clinics and bathhouses, carry ACT condoms, each of which comes with a small leaflet with current sexual health messaging as well as a water-based lubricant package. Each year hundreds of thousands of these packs are put together and distributed!

To support this, we hold monthly condom stuffing parties, featuring pizza and gabbing and plenty of latex!

Who is invited?

Anyone and everyone who wants to volunteer their time! We aim to raise the sexual health awareness in the communities that ACT serves, and allow people to have safer sex, whether they can afford condoms or not. It’s all hands on deck.

Drop-In for all ages and genders. Refreshments provided. 

Learn more about condom distribution


For more information, email or call 416 340 8484 ext 242.