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ACT coordinates monthly Community Health Forums from September to March bringing community members and preeminent professional and community experts together to learn about current trends affecting people living with HIV. Topics are determined in consultation with feedback from forum attendees and with input from the project’s advisory committee.

ACT Community Health Forum Videos

ACT partners with The Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN) to record three of our dynamic forums every year.
Upcoming Forum Videos not yet posted:
  • Using PrEP to Prevent HIV (presented Oct 21, 2015) with James Wilton
  • Undetectable, Exploring Viral Load as an Effective HIV Prevention Strategy (presented Feb 10, 2016) with James Wilton
Global HIV Treatment Research: 2015 in Review – Presented December 16, 2015

With Dr Sharon Walmsley, MSc, MD, FRCPC

As a hands-on research scientist at the Toronto Hospital Research Institute, and Co-Director of the Canadian HIV Trials Network, Dr. Walmsley is well placed to review and comment on international advances in HIV research.

The Biggest HIV Treatment News of 2015: the START Study – When to start HIV Treatments

Video Topics Index: START Study Design: 2.20 min; Study Participants: 4.40 min; Study Results: 7.15 min; What happened to people who did not go on treatment right away?: 10.12 min; Conclusion with Kaplain-Meier based Analysis: 10.53 min; Tuberculosis: 12.00 min; Lymphoma 12.28 min; KS:12.44 min; PCP: 12.56 min; Cancer (not AIDS related): 13.26 min; Concluding Summary of START Study: 13.40 min

Treatment Options and the New Treatment Trends to Watch

Video Topics Index: Do we need new drugs?: 0 min; Maturation Inhibitors 1.00 min; Attachment Inhibitors: 2.07 min; Challenging the idea of using three HIV treatment class of drugs: 3.34 min; MARCH Study (Maraviroc) 9.20 min; What to Start Treatment With - Comparing Medical Guidelines and Integrase Inhibitors: 11.10 min; Why start with an integrase inhibitors (Former Standard: Efavirenz/Atripla): 13.30 min; Suicide: 14.40; Boosted Protease Inhibitors: 16.20 min; Integrase Inhibitor Tolerance: 17.20 min; What to Start with Summary: 18.00 min; Women/WAVES Study: 18.28 min; Women/ARIA Study: 19.59 min; Tenofavir (Tenofavir Alafenamide – TAF):20.36 min; TAF vs. TDF Study: 22.52 min; Switching to TAF: 26.00 min; STRIIVING Study (Triumeq): 28.35 min; Thinking About Switching?: 30.35 min

Looking Forward to 2016 in HIV Treatment News

Video Topics Index: Treatment Cascade: 0 min; Lipodystrophy: 2.05 min; Cancer & HIV: 4.00 min; Hep C & HIV: 6.54 min; PrEP & PEP: 8.26 min; Summary Remarks: 11.37 min

HIV & Hepatitis C Co-infection - Presented March 19, 2015

With Dr David Wong, FRCPC, Hepatologist, University Health Network & Andrew Eaton, Group Programming Coordinator, ACT.

Hep C Transmission, Diagnosis, Treatment, Coinfection with HIV and Medical Advances

Video Topics Index: Comparing Hep C and HIV:0 min; What does the Liver Do? & Liver Failure: 3.15 min; Spectrum of Liver Desease: 7.24 min; Risk for Liver Disease if you are living with HIV: 8.14 min; Sexual Transmission of Hep C if you are living with HIV: 11.26 min; Treatments for Hep C if you are living with HIV: 12.58 min; New Hep C Treatments: 14.06 min

Community Supports for Hep C and HIV Coinfection

Video Topics Index: Four Types of Supports: 0 min; OHTN Rapid Response Inquiry on what Models of Service Exist: 2.39 min; OHTN Rapid Response Findings: 4.00 min; Problems with Coercion in Service Provision: 8.24 min

ACT offers a support group for people living with HIV and hepatitis C. To register email Andrew at
HIV & Aging – Presented November 19, 2014

With Kate Murzin & John McCullagh

Video Topics Index: New infections in older adults: 3.10 min; Prevalence of HIV in Older Adults: 5.52 min; Four Distinct Groups of Older Adults and HIV: 7.29 min; Questions people ask themselves as they age: 25.05 min; Video Case Study 1: Sexual Health and Living with HIV for older Adults with actors Joanne Lindsay/Dr Gordon Arbess: 32.22 min; Video Topic Summary: 43.52 min; Relevant Services: 45.50 min; Video Case Study 2: Living with HIV and Residential Care with actors John McCullagh/ Kate Murzin: 53.44 min; Video Topic Summary: 1.04.06 min; Relevant Services: 1.06.20 min; Research on HIV and Older Adults: 1.19.50 min; Summary: 1.20.55 min

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