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Wolrd AIDS Day is December 1: Ten things you may not know about HIV todayThe science of HIV is constantly evolving, and what we knew (or thought we knew) just a few years ago is either incorrect, incomplete or in need of an upgrade. Every year we learn more about the virus, and research keeps giving us new tools to prevent, test and treat it.
Brazil’s ambitious HIV treatment plan based on Canadian conceptBrazil has a long history of innovation on HIV and is held up as the great developing country success story in fighting AIDS.
Think Twice: Our Community Speaks out About HIV CriminalizationAAN! asked local community members to tell you why going to the cops when a sexual partner has not disclosed their HIV-positive status isn't the smart choice. Going to the cops won't stop you from getting HIV or stop the spread of the disease. Watch these videos, get some knowledge, and love each other ~ Think Twice!