Safer partying for gay/bi/queer guys

Outreach at Clubs and Parties:

Need a break from the crowded dance floor? Our volunteers are there with the latest on safer sex and safer substance use so you and your friends can party safer. Call 416-340-8484 ext. 235 to find out more. - A Safer place to Party:

ACT’s party-safer web resource. Surf our detailed Party Drugs 101 (basics info), and harm reduction tips for a wide range of substances, including side effects, mixing, overdose prevention and information for poz guys who use drugs. Visit
Info on Crystal Meth:

Get the 411 on Tina from users, ex-users and people who provide support for those affected by crystal meth. Connect and interact online anonymously to share safer use, treatment and recovery strategies. Visit


We also run a group called SPUNK! where you can join other queer dudes in open, honest, anonymous, confidential and non-judgmental exploration of our relationships
with drugs, alcohol and sex.