Manhole Cover (Insertive Condom) Feels Great and Prevents STIs

More than 80 percent of men who used the insertive condom for anal sex said they would use them again.

More than half of the guys who use an insertive condom for anal sex say they preferred it to a roll on condom. Here’s why:

      • they can be inserted hours before sex, making spontaneous sex safer sex
      • they feel more natural and pleasurable than roll-ons
      • they are not tight like roll on condoms and are comfortable for larger penis sizes
      • allergic to latex? No worries, they’re latex-free
      • they warm with your body and feel soft like skin
      • they are highly effective at preventing STIs through the ass, and vagina/front hole such as syphilis and HIV
Here’s how to use one

Before You Put It In: Practice!
Practice putting it in yourself before playing with a partner. There are different ways to put it in, with a finger, with a toy, or using the inner ring. Try out which way is most comfortable for you. Once you’re comfortable, you can put it in up to 8 hours before you get fucked.

To Put It In:
Take out or leave in the inner ring: the ring helps hold the condom inside a vagina, but it makes no functional difference for anal sex. For ass fucking it’s up to personal preference and how it feels for you and your partner. Some guys when topping say that they can feel the ring, some guys do not.

If you leave the ring in, squeeze it and use it to guide the condom in.

If you take the ring out, you can use it as a cock ring, or else throw it out. Guide the condom in with the ring, your finger or your partner’s cock. You can even use a sex toy, just be sure not to twist the condom when pushing it in.

You can use lube on both sides of the condom. It is already lubricated so it’s up to you how much.

TIP >> Don’t Double Bag or Double Dip
Use only one condom at a time and be sure to change between partners to stop the spread of STIs between partners.

To Take It Out:
Twist the end to avoid spilling cum, then gently pull the condom out.

“Pinking” is rare, but possible with any butt play. If you notice pinking, which means there’s a small amount of blood, consider taking the ring out if you are using it. Otherwise, if you are not using a ring there maybe a range of reasons why there is a little blood present which has nothing to do with the insertive condom.

You may want to pause before continuing or to stop fucking all together until you find out why you are bleeding.

Other causes of bleeding include the presence of hemorrhoids, STI related sores, or rips on your anal muscle. There may also be internal bleeding from an internal hemorrhoid, or internal tear. Waiting until you are healed is advisable before fucking.

Note: If you have been inserting anything large deep inside you, such as an entire hand or large sex toy, look for signs of continued bleeding or infection forming (such as a fever) and seek medical help immediately as you may have a tear in your rectum which is serious and requires medical treatment. This is rare when you have only been fucking with a penis or “penis-sized” sex toy.
This short video demonstration gives a good look at how to use an insertive condom:

Manhole Covers do what PrEP and low viral load can’t do: help stop STIs
Using barriers like roll on and insertive condoms along with regular STI testing are important tools for preventing the spread of STIs. Toronto is currently going through an outbreak of syphilis and other STIs among gay, bisexual and queer men. PrEP and undetectable/low HIV viral load do not protect against STIs like syphilis, LGV or gonorrhea.

Adding insertive condoms to your play along with regular testing for you and our partners can help you stay safe and protect your manhole!

Insertive condoms are available for free at ACT. Stop by and pick some up to try today! We are located at 543 Yonge Street, up on the 4th floor.

*Last updated Oct. 27, 2016