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It took political will to write the first chapter of medicare. Now momentum is building across the country for the next chapter: national pharmacare.
A workshop series for gay and bisexual men recently diagnosed with HIV - Tuesdays, Feb. 3 to Feb. 24, 2015
Canada’s use of the criminal law to punish HIV-positive individuals who do not disclose their status to sexual partners is particularly harsh.
The AIDS Committee of Toronto has launched a new information-sharing project on pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). The project is meant to add a Canadian perspective to a discussion that is coming mostly out of the United States, where the drug Truvada was approved for use as a PrEP by the FDA in 2012.
In light of a recent campaign against PrEP by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Los Angeles, the Toronto Star profiles the state of the new HIV prevention drug in Canada, featuring the recent AIDS Committee of Toronto campaign that encourages conversations around and appropriate uses of PrEP.
Brazil has a long history of innovation on HIV and is held up as the great developing country success story in fighting AIDS.