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The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) has just launched a bold, new multimedia campaign, HIVnow, that is intended to raise awareness around HIV because the times have changed and HIV is different today. It asks big questions, puts forward honest answers and issues clear calls to action. Hot topics include testing, PrEP, disclosure and viral load.
ACT is launching a bold new campaign that asks big questions and puts forward honest answers. HIVnow is a multimedia campaign that will run throughout Pride and into July.
“I’ve been HIV positive since 2011, my entire career,” he declared on Facebook. “F*** stigma and hiding in the dark, this is my real life.”
The city needs a federal exemption to offer safe injection services to the city’s drug addicts. But Ottawa is opposed and mayor Denis Coderre has vowed to proceed anyway.
This year's Walk is being held on Sunday, September 13. Visit the Walk's new website to get started and help us make this the most successful Walk yet!
World Health Day marks a time to reflect on the many public health challenges to be addressed around the globe, such as the 35 million people living with HIV and AIDS. It's also a call to address such issues closer to home. In Canada, we can lead the way forward towards ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but a federal level commitment is sorely lacking.