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Thousands upon thousands of collective footsteps treaded along the diverse streets of Canada from September 13 to 21 to show support for the 71,300 Canadians living with HIV/AIDS.
People living with HIV and AIDS are living longer than was ever expected before the development of highly active antiretroviral therapies in the 90s. Yet even as many live longer, there is a broad segment of those who are aging physically and cognitively faster than the rest of the population.
In honor of Global Female Condom Day, it’s time to clear up a few myths still hovering around the elusive female condom.
Sexual shame creates a breeding ground for HIV within the gay community, says activist Hussain Turk.
Truvada should be covered as a public health expense, says HIV prevention advocate
Researchers have found a new site on HIV’s surface that is vulnerable to a powerful antibody, a discovery that could lead to novel developments in the treatment, prevention and vaccine fields.
Treatment with pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) does not involve a significant risk of HIV drug resistance should seroconversion occur, results from the iPrEx study published in the online edition of the Journal of Infectious Diseases demonstrate. The only cases of drug resistance among people who had taken PrEP involved individuals with unrecognised acute HIV infection when they started therapy.
This report from the UK hails extraordinary success of HIV services but highlights need to adapt to an ageing population.