Volunteer Code of Conduct

Volunteers are required to accomplish their duties within their range of competency, within the parameters of their role responsibilities and within ACT’s Code of Conduct and Policies and Procedures. Volunteers are expected to respect the complimentary relationship with other professionals both within the agency and when representing ACT in the community.

Volunteers at ACT are expected to maintain standards in accordance with the Code of Conduct (outlined below) as well as ACT’s policies and procedures. Should any part of these standards be breached, ACT may take disciplinary actions including the suspension or volunteer duties and/or termination of the volunteer position with ACT.

All ACT volunteers are required to sign the Statement of Agreement - Volunteer Code of Conduct, Confidentiality Agreement and forms adhering to ACT’s Policies and Procedures.

Any volunteer who becomes aware of a breach of professional conduct, or is informed by a service user, student or employee’s breach of these standards, must report the situation within 24 hours to the appropriate supervisor for follow-up.


We will honour the confidentiality of service users, volunteers, staff, sponsors and donors and adhere to the established precepts of confidentiality of ACT Policies & Procedures and government legislation. We agree to consider information pertaining to medical conditions, family relations, phone numbers and addresses, sexual orientation and other facts of a highly personal nature as confidential and therefore we understand that we are not to disclose this information to any person who is not authorized by ACT to have access to such information, without the specific permission of the individual concerned.

In keeping with ACT's philosophies and policies, ACT will neither practice nor tolerate discrimination or harassment against any staff member, volunteer or service user on the ground of race, creed, colour, place of origin, ethnic origin, ancestry, citizenship, political or religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family relationship, HIV status, economic status, identity, disability or record of offences.

We will treat each other, staff and service users with dignity, care and respect. We will be sensitive to and educate ourselves about individual and group differences. We will honour service users’ rights to self-determination and agree to support people in making their own decisions.

We commit to our understanding and upholding of the Conflict of Interest policy. We agree to discuss any potential conflict with our supervisors and commit to being truthful in all matters to do with our volunteer relationship with ACT.

ACT encourages friendly relations between volunteers and those they serve. However, it is important to remain aware of appropriate boundaries. As with paid staff, ACT discourages relationships of a romantic or sexual nature between supervisors and those they supervise or volunteers and those they serve. We agree to maintain respectful and professional relationship boundaries during the course of our volunteer work and agree to speak with our supervisors should any relationship develop which makes it difficult for us to remain objective and fulfill our volunteer obligations.

We agree to maintain the limits we have set for ourselves with respect to the emotional and physical resources we are willing to provide. We understand that our own training and education may limit our ability to provide service and we recognize the need to ask for assistance or refer when appropriate. If we feel we are being asked to do something outside of our job description, or are having difficulty saying no to a staff member, volunteer or service user, we will ask for support and coaching from our supervisors and/or peers.

We agree to participate in supervision that is acceptable, reasonable, regular and visible according to the guidelines of the individual programs we are assigned to. Supervision guarantees accountability for the performance of assigned responsibilities, provides an opportunity for feedback and guidance, and assistance and support in my role as a volunteer.

We understand that in accepting a volunteer position with ACT, we are agreeing to undertake and complete the necessary training before, during and in the course of our volunteer assignment as outlined by the Program Volunteer Resources Manager and/or Development Volunteer Coordinator and as indicated in our program agreements. We value our own continuing development and understand that it is essential as a volunteer. We will do this by keeping updated on new information, attend meetings and relevant in-service trainings, and by taking advantage of opportunities such as seminars and workshops offered both within and outside of ACT.

We understand that being under the influence of alcohol or drugs may interfere with our ability to deliver service. We therefore agree not to perform our volunteer duties while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, not to provide a service user with illegal substances or encourage their use, and not to participate with a service user in alcohol consumption to the point where our effectiveness is impaired.

Many people living with HIV and those who suffer from environmental allergies are extremely sensitive to strong scents. In order to make ACT as comfortable as possible for all people who are affected by this, all employees and volunteers are to refrain from using or wearing chemical-based fragrances and chemical-based scents while working at the ACT office or, while on work-related business externally. It is ACT’s goal to provide a work environment that is free from chemical-based scents/fragrances. In addition, all cleaning materials should be free from chemical-based scents/fragrances

We understand that failure to adhere to any and all parts of this code may result in suspension from our volunteer duties and/or termination of our volunteer relationship with ACT.


Statement of Agreement - Volunteer Code of Conduct
Confidentiality Agreement
ACT Human Resources Policies and Procedures
ACT Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Procedures