Become a Volunteer

ACT staff and volunteers work to empower individuals and communities.

This could not happen without the participation of volunteers at all levels of the organization.

1. Attend a Volunteer Information Session

To become a volunteer with ACT, you must first attend one of our Volunteer Information Sessions. The Info Session is an opportunity to learn more about ACT’s programs, services, and fundraising events to hear about volunteer opportunities and to find out what is involved in becoming a volunteer.

Schedule of upcoming volunteer information sessions.

2. Submit an Application

Once you have attended a Volunteer Information Session, there is an application that you are required to complete and submit. This is then followed by a three-stage screening and selection process.

3. Volunteer Screening and Selection Process

1. Complete and submit application (must include two references).

2. Profile screening interview with Program Volunteer Resources Manager (for volunteers interested in working in the area of programs or service delivery). This ensures a good match between what you are looking for in a volunteer opportunity and what the agency has to offer.

3. Attend the Volunteer Core Skills Training.