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ACT Research Day

ACT Research Day 2014

Winston Husbands : Welcome (Video, 4 minutes)

John McCullagh : Presentation Intro (Video, 2 minutes)
James Blanchard : Linking Programs and Research: What This Means for Service Providers (Presentation, 30 minutes)

John Maxwell : HIV Prevention: “What’s Science Got to Do With It?” (Presentation, 33 minutes)

Group Discussion (Video, 42 minutes)

ACT Research Day 2013

Welcoming Remarks (9 minutes)
Hazelle Palmer, ACT

Considerations for Supervised Consumption Facilities in Toronto (54 minutes)
Ahmed Bayoumi, St. Michael’s Hospital
Carol Strike, University of Toronto

Queer Women, HIV and Violence (30 minutes)
Margaret Gibson, University of Toronto

Long-term Survivorship of HIV: Experiences, Needs and Recommendations for Programs and Services (25 minutes)
Soo Chan Carusone, Casey House

HIV and the Brain: Building Screening and Interventions to Improve Care and Support (31 minutes)
Sean Rourke, Ontario HIV Treatment Network

How Criminalization is Affecting People Living with HIV in Ontario (37 minutes)
Barry Adam, University of Windsor & Ontario HIV Treatment Network

Recommendations for research, programs and policy emerging from ACTRD 2013

ACT Research Day attendees joined four small groups to talk about the presentations given during the day, to discuss the impact that they could have on the HIV work or lives of people living with HIV, and to identify any outstanding issues or new areas of research that could help improve the health and well-being of people living with HIV.

Below we outlined three broad research areas and three main concerns and suggestions raised about program and policy development.

Areas of research
    1. Identify and explore new approaches to research, which will engage, empower and meaningfully involve marginalized communities such as people living with HIV, racialized communities, queer women, trans people and people who use drugs.
    2. Develop research that seeks to understand the needs of HIV long-term survivors, research that promote resilience and the development of psychological and economic well-being.
    3. Further develop, implement and test interventions specific to (1) HIV and Neuro-cognitive Disorder, and (2) HIV disclosure.

Question, concerns or suggestions about program and policy
      1. Concerns about current portrayal of HIV in the media and its negative impact on the programmatic response to HIV
      2. Need to re-connect and re-ignite the public’s interest about HIV discourse
      3. Need to seek public’s input on priorities for HIV prevention and treatment

    ACT Research Day 2012

    Welcome (7 Minutes)
    Michael Bailey, CATIE

    Is This a Good Time? : Critical Issues for Service Providers (36 Minutes)
    Adrian Guta, MSW, PhD(c), University of Toronto
    Sarah Flicker, PhD, York University

    What are the Possibilities for Innovative CBR Structures? (31 Minutes)
    Murray Jose, Executive Director, PWA

    Keynote Speakers Discussion (50 Minutes)

    What’s in it for Me? (12 Minutes)
    Jessica Cattaneo, Silke Haller, and the WIIFM Team

    The OHTN’s Bold New Research Direction (10 Minutes)
    Jenn Major, Manager, Research Funding & Development, OHTN

    POINT : Prevent Overdose In Toronto (14 Minutes)
    Chantel Marshall, RN, BScN
    Health Promotion Consultant, The Works
    Toronto Public Health

    CBR Panel Discussion (29 Minutes)

    ACT Research Day 2011

    Hazelle Palmer, AIDS Committee of Toronto

    Hope, Hype, and HIV: Framing the Future of Prevention
    Marc-André LeBlanc, HIV Prevention Advocate

    Taking Action - Aboriginal Youth Leadership
    Erin Konsmo, Native Youth Sexual Health Network

    Cuentame! Conta Me!
    Barry Adam, Universtiy of Windsor, OHTN

    Ontario Womens Study
    Lea Narciso, University of Ottawa

    Straight Black Men and HIV
    Winston Husbands, AIDS Committee of Toronto

    Research Related to HIV Prevention
    Panel Discussion

    Research Related to HIV Prevention
    Report Back and Take Home Messages
    ACT Research Day 2010

    Welcoming Remarks : Angel Parks / Laurie Edmiston

    HIV and Poverty : Tim McCaskell

    GIPA : Around the World ( Alex McClelland )

    GIPA Principle : Theory vs. Practice in Ontario's HIV/AIDS Community-Based Research Sector ( Michael G. Wilson )

    Families, HIV and Housing Study: A House is not a Home ( Saara Greene )

    GPS : Gay Poz Sex : Finding Your Own Way ( Rick Julien )

    Ontario HIV Pregnancy Planning Initiative : OHPPI ( Shari Margolese )

    Mobilizing Ethno-racial Community Leaders Against HIV/AIDS Stigma and Discrimination ( Devan Nambiar )

    Research on Health and Well-being of PHAs : Discussion

    Closing Remarks : Hazelle Palmer

    ACT Research Day 2009

    ACT Research Day 2009 was comprised of two half-day events to discuss current research, policy, programs and services, as well as the broader political landscape that shapes the work of AIDS service organizations.

    Part I: Making Sense of HIV Research

    Thursday May 7, 2009 - Metro Central YMCA Toronto
    This event was centred on building research literacy. Participants worked through common questions and concerns about epidemiology, psychosocial behavioural models, and program development in interactive workshops based on current and relevant HIV research.

    Plenary Welcome and Opening Presentation
    Making sense of HIV Research: Using evidence to inform programs and service delivery
    Michael Wilson (Ontario HIV Treatment Network, McMaster University)
    Making sense of HIV research-MW.pdf

    Concurrent Workshops
    Understanding the Ontario HIV/AIDS Surveillance Report
    Greta Bauer (University of Western Ontario) and John Maxwell (AIDS Committee of Toronto)
    Understanding Ontario HIV-AIDS surveilllance report- GB and JM.ppt

    From Prevention Research to Prevention Practice
    Barry Adam (University of Windsor, Ontario HIV Treatment Network), James Murray (AIDS Bureau), Sean Hosein (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange)
    From prevention research to prevention practice-BA.ppt

    Taking Stock: Program Development/Needs Assessment
    Shani Robertson (Black CAP), David Lewis (Black CAP), Nicole Greenspan (University of Toronto, Toronto Public Health)
    Taking Stock- Program Dvlp- needs assessment- SR.pdf

    Plenary Closing Presentation
    Moving Beyond Rhetoric: Knowledge, Power & Social Change through Community-based Research
    Josephine Wong (University of Toronto)
    Moving beyond rhetoric- knowledge power-JW.ppsx

    Part II: Knowledge for Access

    Thursday May 14, 2009 - Metro Central YMCA Toronto

    This event was a half-day event that engaged HIV/AIDS service providers, researchers, and policy makers in moderated discussions on how current research may inform HIV/AIDS programs and policy. Panel discussions and presentations focused on a broad range of topics, including the social impact of the criminalization of non-disclosure, ethics and ethics boards for community-based research, the sexual health and HIV vulnerability of gay Latino newcomers, group-based motiviational interviewing as a harm reduction intervention and ODSP employment supports for people living with HIV/AIDS.

    Plenary session
    Social Consequences of the Criminalization of Non-Disclosure
    Barry Adam (University of Windsor, Ontario HIV Treatment Network)
    Jocelyn Watchorn (AIDS Committee of Toronto)
    Chris Saunders (York University)
    Social consequences of criminalization-BA.pptSocial consequences of criminalization-CS.ppt

    Community Driven Research
    Mano en Mano Project
    Gerardo Betancourt (Centre for Spanish Speaking People), Barry Adam (University of Windsor, Ontario HIV Treatment Network)
    Mano en Mano- GB.ppt

    ODSP Employment Supports for People Living with HIV
    Scott White (AIDS Committee of Toronto, Job Opportunity Information Network)
    ODSP employment supports for PHAs- SW.ppt

    Exploring Choices
    Tim Guimond (The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health), Duncan MacLachlan (AIDS Committee of Toronto)
    Exploring choices-TG.ppt

    Community Respondent: Laurie Edmiston (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange)

    Panel discussion

    Research Ethics in the Community Context

    Darien Taylor (Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange)
    Rupert Kaul (University of Toronto)
    Dario Kuzmanovic (Office of Research Ethics, University of Toronto)
    Winston Husbands (AIDS Committee of Toronto, and the African and Caribbean Council on HIV/AIDS in Ontario)

    Moderator: Sarah Flicker (York University)
    Dario Kuzmanovic.ppt

    ACT Research Day 2008

    Part 1: Thursday April 3, 2008. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

    Part II: Friday, April 11, 2008. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

    ACT Research Day 2007

    15 March 2007, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto ON

    Introduction & Moderation
    James Murray, Ontario AIDS Bureau

    Housing Issues for People Living with HIV/AIDS podcast | pdf
    Amrita Ahluwalia, Fife House

    Therapeutic Cannabis and HIV podcast | pdf
    Sergio Rueda, St. Michael's Hospital

    Challenges of Preparing for an HIV Vaccine podcast | pdf
    Peter Newman, University of Toronto

    Does the International AIDS Conference Make a Difference for Service Providers? podcast Richard Burzynski, International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO)

    ACT Research Day 2006

    24 February 2006, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, Toronto ON

    Introduction & Moderation
    Robb Travers, Research Scientist and Director of Community-based Research, Ontario HIV Treatment Network

    HIV-related Stigma & Discrimination Among African and Caribbean Peoples in Toronto podcast | pdf
    Erica Lawson, University of Toronto

    Costs and Effectiveness of Case Management Support Services in ASOs podcast | pdf
    Kristy Buck, AIDS Committee of Toronto

    Crystal Methamphetamine Use Among Gay and Bisexual Men podcast | pdf
    Nick Boyce, AIDS Committee of Toronto

    Health-related Quality of Life for PHAs in Ontario podcast | pdf
    Robin Weir, McMaster University

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    Making sense of HIV research-MW.pdf145 (Kbytes)
    Understanding Ontario HIV-AIDS surveilllance report- GB and JM.ppt309 (Kbytes)
    From prevention research to prevention practice-BA.ppt1231 (Kbytes)
    Taking Stock- Program Dvlp- needs assessment- SR.pdf31336 (Kbytes)
    Moving beyond rhetoric- knowledge power-JW.ppsx3033 (Kbytes)
    Social consequences of criminalization-BA.ppt2372 (Kbytes)
    Social consequences of criminalization-CS.ppt296 (Kbytes)
    Mano en Mano- GB.ppt1574 (Kbytes)
    ODSP employment supports for PHAs- SW.ppt580 (Kbytes)
    Exploring choices-TG.ppt477 (Kbytes)
    Dario Kuzmanovic.ppt291 (Kbytes)