Participating in Research Projects at ACT

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ACT conducts research either to evaluate existing programs or to explore new and innovative program ideas. These two types of research rely on the experiences, opinions and ideas of service users and other community members. This means that researchers sometimes need to recruit research participants and interview them about their experiences, opinions and ideas that are pertinent to the research topic.

Participation in a research project (i.e., being interviewed by a researcher from ACT) is entirely voluntary. The researchers must explain the following issues to participants:

    • the purpose of the research;
    • what the interview is about;
    • how long the interview will last;
    • whether the interview is confidential and how the participant’s confidentiality will be protected.

    Participants may also enquire about other issues related to the research, such as the source of funding for the research, and how service users or community members may benefit from the research.

    Participants agree to be interviewed for a research project by signing a consent form. This form includes a summary of the purpose of the project, whether and how the researchers will protect participants’ confidentiality, the types of questions that the researcher will ask, whether participants will receive money or gifts for their interview, and other relevant information.