Renewing HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men

This research project involves designing and implementing new HIV prevention programming for gay and bisexual men, then examining their uptake of safer sex messages, as well as new trends facilitating or inhibiting safe sex. The project builds on research completed in December 2003 on the reasons for unprotected sex among “high-risk” gay and bisexual men in Toronto.

The project involves:

- Designing and implementing new evidence-based HIV prevention programming in the Toronto area grounded in findings from our own recently completed research (Adam, et al. 2003), the Ontario Men’s Survey (OMS), and the scholarly research literature.

· Discovering the degree to which messages contained in this new HIV prevention programming are recognized and assessed by gay and bisexual men, and even more importantly how they enter into the reasoning processes of gay and bisexual men in their everyday sexual practices.

· Delineating microcultures of shared understandings and assumptions underlying sexual interaction

· Providing a well-informed foundation for targeted HIV prevention program development based on specific and multi-faceted needs of a vulnerable population.

The evaluation will be based on a survey of 500 men recruited during Pride 2005 and in-depth follow-up interviews with 50 men. The project is funded by a grant from the Ontario HIV Treatment Network (OHTN).

The report is here: Renewing HIV Prevention for Gay and Bisexual Men (Report)