Research Reports Online

A Call for Change: Rethinking HIV Prevention Education Approaches in Toronto's Gay Community. (1994)
A Case Management Approach to Support Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs) (2006)Attachment Icon
A Qualitative Assessment of the 1996 AIDS Committee of Toronto Educational Brochure: Safer Sex Guide for men having sex with men (2000)
A Qualitative Assessment of Two Educational Brochures: HIV Antibody Testing: Information for Men & Safer Sex for Gay Men: HIV+ & HIV- (1996)
A Qualitative Report on Congratulatory Campaigns and Concepts for Gay Men (1993)
ACT’s Women’s Community Development Program: An assessment report. (2003)
Affected Women Focus Group Internal Report (1997)
Aging And HIV Risk Among Gay Men (2002)
Assessing the HIV/AIDS prevention, education and support needs of trans people living in Toronto (PDF) (2005)Attachment Icon
Back to the Future: a feasibility study on return-to-work programming for people living with HIV/AIDS (1998)
Can you relate? A Qualitative examination of condom use in gay men's relationships. (1993)
Can you (still) relate? A qualitative examination of sexual health issues facing gay men in relationships (1997)
Challenging Depression and HIV (2001)Attachment Icon
Community Kitchen for HIV-positive Women: A program assessment (2003)
Drug Use & HIV Risk Among Gay Men in the Dance/Club Scene in Toronto: How Should AIDS Prevention Programmes Respond? (2001)
Evaluation Report of The Living Guide: Services for people in the Toronto area living with HIV or AIDS, The
Evaluation Report: Take Pride in Yourself, Take Care of Each Other (1993)
Gay Men and Inconsistent Behaviour (1994)
Getting primed : informing HIV prevention with gay/bi/queer trans men in Ontario (2008)Attachment Icon
Helping People with HIV/AIDS Return to the Workforce (Fact Sheet) (2004)Attachment Icon
HIV negative, yet living with HIV: A qualitative study of the effects of HIV/AIDS on HIV negative gay men in Toronto (1996)
HIV/AIDS stigma, denial, fear and discrimination : experiences and responses of people from African and Caribbean communities (2006)Attachment Icon
Hope and Hype: Reports from the Front Line of New Anti-HIV Combination Therapies (1997)
Lesbians and HIV: Focus Group Summary (1996)
Let's Keep Talking: An HIV risk reduction group for young gay and bisexual males (1996)
Men Who Have Sex With Men (MSM) and rising HIV infection rates in Toronto (2001)
Party Drugs in Toronto's Gay Dance Club Scene: Issues for HIV Prevention for Gay Men (2004)Attachment Icon
Policy on the Use of Criminal Sanctions as a Response to the Transmission of HIV. (1996)
Positive Perspectives: A qualitative examination of issues facing HIV positive gay men in Toronto (1998)
Positive Wellness Survey - Community Report (2007)Attachment Icon