Totally outRIGHT: FREE Leadership Program for Young Gay/Bi/Queer Guys

Want to learn how to be a leader while meeting smart, fun, young guys?

Totally outRIGHT is a free sexual health leadership program for young gay, bi, pansexual or queer men, ages 18-29. This includes trans guys, guys living with HIV, and guys from racialized and ethno-specific communities.

The August series of Totally outRIGHT in now full! Thanks for your interest!

The next series of Totally outRIGHT is February/March 2016.
Registration will open in the new year.

For more information about Totally outRIGHT, please click here!
Participants' feedback on the Totally outRIGHT leadership experience:

"One of the most significant points for me were the people I met: adorable and super smart gay guys that are still my friends now!"

“…building confidence, building something new to inspire others, and knowing that we can shine as gay men…”

"…I didn’t feel like I was really part of the gay community…But I feel more encouraged to stay connected to the community now, and working with a group helped me to come up with a topic I felt passionate about."

Participants reactions to the speakers, our community faculty:

"His recount of the historic events was absolutely riveting and breathtaking! THANK YOU for such a wonderful opportunity to partake in learning such valuable history."

"Great community and excellent speakers."

"LOVED this presentation. Great to know that something like this exists for the community."

For more information about Totally outRIGHT click here.

For specific questions please contact:
Rui Pires, Gay Men's Community Education Coordinator
416-340-8484 ext. 264

Not sure Totally outRIGHT is right for you? Please answer these four simple questions to help us consider possible format changes so you can attend a future session!