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What is a Community ACTivator?

Community ACTivators is a micro-grant program for gender expansive, trans, nonbinary, and cisgender queer folks in Toronto. Accepted applications can receive up to $1000 to develop and facilitate a community program aimed to foster the physical, emotional and social well-being of gender expansive, trans, nonbinary, and cisgender queer community members. This program provides opportunities for community leaders to share skills, create social and cultural opportunities and promote health for like-minded queer folks.

This program aims to accomplish the following:

  • Engage community in fun and meaningful ways by creating social and cultural connections, and intentionally holding space for those who have been historically underserved including Black, Indigenous and people of colour, trans/nonbinary/gender expansive folks, people who use substances, sex workers, etc.
  • Support community members in creating, planning and executing activities or projects that are unique, engaging and enticing;
  • Improve health outcomes for gender expansive, trans, nonbinary, and cisgender queer folks through knowledge, resource and skill sharing
  • Support community members’ physical, sexual, and/or mental health and well-being through meaningful community outreach

Funding and resources are made possible through a financial contribution from the Public Health Agency of Canada.


  For Spring 2023, January 25th is the deadline.

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Please Note: Applicants can submit multiple applications for different projects, but applicants will not receive funding for more than one project.

Micro-grant recipients are not considered as ACT employees or contractors. Though ACT will support you in developing and delivering these projects, an applicant’s work is independent from ACT.

Examples of Projects That Are Less Suited For a Community ACTivators Micro-Grant:
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  • Projects focused on therapeutic interventions,
  • Projects requiring paid facilitators or contributors,
  • Projects requiring the purchase of computer, A/V, or other equipment.
Who Can Apply For a Community ACTivator Micro-Grant?
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If you identify as a gender expansive, trans, nonbinary, and cisgender queer person or people who work, socialize or live in Toronto, we recommend applying to this program.

As long as you are a motivated person/group who wants to help improve the health and well-being of gender expansive, trans, nonbinary, and cisgender queer folks in Toronto, you’re welcome to sign up as an individual or a group!

What is the Maximum Contribution For a Project?
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The maximum contribution for a project is $1000. The amount assigned to a project is dependent on the goals and projected outcomes and financial requirements of each project. As part of the process, the *Gay Men’s* Health Systems Coordinator will be supporting you in creating a budget.

*Gay Men’s* This title is not reflective of all the communities we hope to empower. The Gay Men’s Health Systems Coordinator is committing to intentionally holding and creating space for queer, trans, nonbinary and other gender expansive identities.

How Many Projects Will Be Funded?
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Up to three projects will be selected in January 2023!

What Are Eligible Expenses?
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Each project is unique, and expenses can vary depending on what the project may be. Ideally, expenses are related directly with the completion of a project. Some examples are:

  • One-time artists’ fees for a graphic design for outreach
  • Transit fare for participants
  • Cost of food for participants
  • Notebooks for participants
What Are Ineligible Projects/Expenses?
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With the limitations of money, time and energy, there are a few types of projects that we will be unable to support;

  • Fundraising activities or events
  • Activities already fully funded by other sources
  • Gifts, alcohol or flowers for individuals or groups
  • Financial assistance to individuals
  • Wages and/or honorariums for additional facilitators or contributors**
  • Expenses made prior to the approval of the project

** You may be able to work with the Gay Men’s Health Systems Coordinator and create a budget that could reallocate program money into properly compensating for another facilitator.

Will Project Leads Be Paid?
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An applicant will be given a $200 honorarium for their time and efforts. This honorarium is included in the total amount allocated to the project.

ACT encourages community leaders to apply for diverse sources of funding to sustain their projects long after the Community Activator project is finished.

Community leaders with existing or upcoming funding will not be removed from the selection process.

Programs can take place in whichever language the Project Lead considers best, however, ACT’s documentation and support will be available in English. Translations may not be available.

How Will Projects Be Selected?
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After applicants have submitted their project proposals using the Community ACTivators Application Form (available on the website). If the project meets the program criteria, the application will be passed to the selection committee composed of community members and ACT staff.

Application forms must be submitted by the supposed date on poster.

Project Leads can request project development assistance from the Gay Men’s Health Systems Coordinator, outside of the mandatory one-on-one meeting. Please contact them to ask questions or arrange an appointment.

Once project proposals have been reviewed and selected, the program coordinator will notify all applicants, including those who have not been selected.

What Will Be Required From the Participant Once the Project is Accepted?
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Applicants are expected to schedule a one-on-one session with the current Gay Men’s Health Systems Coordinator to help plan, budget and execute the project of the applicant[s]. They will support applicant[s] in delivering and reaching the project goals as outline in their application.

In addition, all projects are expected to adhere to ACT’s Programs and Services Policies and Procedures.

As part of its evaluation process, ACT engages applicants and recipients in qualitative feedback opportunities; these will be sent to approved applicants in March.

Below is the timeline of the Community ACTivator Project for Spring 2023;


I Don’t Know How To Use Zoom. Will I Receive Any Training?
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Absolutely! If you aren’t confident in your Zoom abilities, the Gay Men’s Health Systems Coordinator will be more than happen to support you in hosting a virtual meeting.

What are some examples of past projects?
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Big (AF) 

BIG(AF) is envisioned to be a community group to centre the experiences of cis and trans gay,m  bi, queer guys of size, allowing them and their friends a low pressure and judgement free zone to be themselves and find community. In practice, the group will gather biweekly for fun casual events, community outings, and safe spaces for conversation, discussion, and bonding. The group will aim to highlight and support size-positive and accessible spaces in Toronto.

Register Today

For more information, email Darcy at



Transcribe is a zine-making workshop and exchange for gender-diverse young adults. Participants will gather for 7 sessions learning about zines and making zines themselves! The project will culminate with a zine exchange where everyone will receive a copy of each zine. Transcribe will be a group for discussion, making art, learning queer history, knowledge sharing, mutual support, hanging out, and making friends!

Transcribe will be carried out both in-person and online. The in-person portion will take place on weekends in downtown Toronto and the online portion will take place on weekday evenings via Zoom. Sessions will alternate between in-person and online, culminating with a zine exchange where all participants will receive a printed copy of everyone's zines.

All Two-Spirit, transgender, gender fluid, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, agender, multigender, non-binary, and all gender-diverse and questioning folks aged 19-29 are welcome to attend.

Transcribe will take place twice a week, from October 16th to November 6th, alternating between weekends and weekday evenings. Exact dates to be decided with the participants. 

Register before Friday, October 15th!


For more information, message @transcribezine on Instagram or contact Aidan (they/them) at


Who should I contact?
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The person of contact for this program is the Gay Men’s Health Health Systems Coordinator, however the person in this role may change over time.

Current (Spring 2023):

Kenny Dawkins (They/He)


Workphone: (416)-340-8484 ext. 242