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 What is a Community ACTivator?

  • Individuals or small groups who create and facilitate community programs aimed to foster meaningful social and cultural connections for cis and trans gay, bi, and queer guys in Toronto;
  • Motivated to help improve the health and well-being of guys into guys in Toronto;
  • Receive funding and resources made possible through a financial contribution from the Public Health Agency of Canada and ACT;
  • Micro-grant recipients, not ACT employees or contractors. Though ACT will support you in developing and delivering these projects, your work is independent from ACT.


Applications for ACTivators is now open! Click HERE to apply.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Community ACTivators:

1. What Type of Projects Are Eligible?
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Community ACTivators projects should work to accomplish the following:

  • Engage guys in fun and meaningful ways to create social and cultural connections;
  • Increase knowledge of physical, sexual, and/or mental health;
  • Focus on guys within our community who have been historically under-represented (i.e. trans, Two-Spirit, newcomers);
  • Projects must be delivered or facilitated using Zoom.


2. Who Can Apply to Become a Community ACTivator?
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Cis and trans gay, bi, queer guys including Two-Spirit and non-binary folks who work, socialize or live in Toronto.

Please note: Applicants can submit multiple applications for different projects, but applicants will not receive funding for more than one project.


3. What is the Maximum Contribution For a New Project?
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The maximum contribution for a project is $1000. The amount allocated to a project is dependent on the goals and projected outcomes of each project.  


4. How Many Projects Will Be Funded?
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Two projects will be funded in October 2020.


5. What Are Eligible Expenses?
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Costs associated directly with the implementation of the approved project (Including but not limited too):

  • Materials needed for programming;
  • Costs associated in helping participants access activities;
  • Advertising / promotional materials.


6. What Are Ineligible Projects/Expenses?
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  • Fundraising activities or events
  • Activities already fully funded by other sources
  • Gifts, alcohol or flowers for individuals or groups
  • Financial assistance to individuals
  • Wages and/or honorariums for Project Leads
  • Expenses made prior to the approval of the project


7. Will Project Leads Be Paid?
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Project leads will be given a $200 honorarium for their time and efforts.

Please note: 

  • ACT encourages community leaders to apply for diverse sources of funding to sustain their projects.
  • Community leaders with existing or upcoming funding will not be removed from the selection process.
  • Programs can take place in whichever language the Project Lead considers best.
  • ACT’s documentation and support will only be available in English.


8. How Will Projects Be Selected?
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Project leads submit their project proposals using the Community ACTivators Application Form (available on the website). If the project meets the program criteria, the application will be passed to the selection committee composed of community members and ACT staff. Application forms must be submitted by Sunday, October 11th.

Project Leads can request project development assistance from the program coordinator, Mike Smith. Please contact them to ask questions or arrange an appointment.


9. What Will Be Required From the Participant Once the Project is Accepted?
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  • Project Leads are expected to deliver and reach the goal as outlined in the application.
  • All projects are expected to adhere to ACT’s Programs and Services Policies and Procedures.


How Do I Contact Mike?
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Mike Smith (they, them, theirs)
Gay Men’s Health Systems Coordinator
(416) 340 – 8484 ext.455
543 Yonge Street, 4th Floor

I Don’t Know How To Use Zoom. Will I Receive Any Training?
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  • Project Leads will be supported and receive some training to deliver their projects via Zoom upon request.

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