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Each year, Community-Based Research Centre (CBRC) hosts a national Summit on GBT2Q health, where healthcare providers, community-based organizations, and community advocates come together to engage with the most innovative and exciting GBT2Q health research, programs, and initiatives happening across Canada.

For Summit 2021 (October 27-29), we are looking for GBT2Q content creators to attend at least two online Summit sessions and create a piece of content directly influenced by what they’ve learned. This content will then be shared widely online by Advance Alliance and our partners. So, if you’re a creator who’s passionate about supporting GBT2Q health and interested in a paid opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop creative content for our communities, visit learn more and submit an application. Applications due by October 6th. 

ACT invited three Ontario-based artists to participate, learn, and engage with folks across the country in this year's Virtual Summit. Through art, activism, and storytelling, they share with us their insights and reflections on HIV prevention, HIV treatment, mental health, substance use, and community engagement. 

Check out their incredible work below. 


Of All Stripes
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"Of All Stripes is a support/health zine that I created for Queer Asians in Toronto. The title references several things, including the idea of various queer identities being represented in the saying “of all stripes” (in the Pride flag); as well as the fact that tigers, a striped creature, are only found in Asia. It’s a vague reference, but one that struck me as important for this zine, despite not including any tiger imagery (at least, for now).

I originally wanted to create a zine that only really had tons of resources for queer Asian folks, but as I sat in on the Summit and listened more to what folks had to say, I started reflecting on my own stories. I believe that stories are the base of all knowledge production, power, resistance (as per A. Sium and E. Ritskes’ Speaking Truth to Power: Indigenous Storytelling as an Act of Living Resistance) and realized that in order to make something meaningful, I had to include my stories in this Zine, as well.

As such, this zine is part reflection (via comics and short blurbs) and part resource-sharing, which I feel fits well with the Summit sessions I had the pleasure to attend. It is my hope that people are not only able to find support via the resources listed, but that, in some way, queer Asian folks find hope and solidarity via my reflections. From resources that help us support other movements to resources that let us support ourselves, I hope queer Asians are able to use this zine as a starting point on their journey to healthier bodies, relationships, and experiences."

- Dany Ko (Toronto)

Community resources:

MXKO, also known as Dany, is a diasporic Filipino/Chinese queer deaf person who focuses on creation and storytelling as a way of connecting to, building, and reimagining community. Recently, they have been leading workshops and discussions on topics such as intersectionality, reimagining identity, storytelling as healing, and Queer Asian pride / solidarity with other movements.  They are currently open for commissions and bookings in leading workshops / discussions.

You can follow Dany on Instagram: @Mxkocreates or check out their blog:


Standing -N- Truth
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"This song inspires me and speaks to the journey of so many Gay/Queer men who are constantly navigating and standing in their truths." 

- Robert Ball (Toronto, Stratford)

Performed by: Robert Ball
Guitar: Eric Lundgren
Videographer: Jordan Mah
Song Written by: B.Slade
(from the Documentary, Standing -N- Truth)

As a singer songwriter I am a soulful artist with jazz sensibilities. I make meaningful music and connect most as a singer and actor with subject matter that speaks to human experiences. I want people to feel, think and to be moved by any myriad of emotions.

Connect with Robert online: 

Two Spirit Silver Fantasy
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Project Title: Fantasy (Echo and Narcissus)

"It deals with the myth of the mountain nymph Echo and of Narcissus, the beautiful youth who rejected Echo and fell in love with his own reflection, and teaches us is to beware the trap of vanity or self-adoration. One glance at his reflection in a pool of water and Narcissus is helplessly captivated. Though he realizes after a while that he's fallen in love with his own reflection, he still can't turn away.  

With the lockdowns that the world is experiencing we find ourselves looking inward and distantly. 

Lollipop as Echo and with my one settler Daniel Stilla is a molecular biologist as Narcissus.  

They helped me explore this myth which also speaks to colonialism with my two spirit queen pining away for her settler. With Dave William, my photographer and makeup artist and drag queen Alynne Peacock my frosty silver infinity room was brought to life." 



Project title: Two Spirit Silver Fantasy

"Thank you those who were kind enough to collaborate with me to create this series of photos: 

My elder Gilbert Deschamps Lake Helen - a lawyer formerly of the Lakehead Law School 

Harley LeGarde-Beacham of Fort William First Nation   

Lou Atlookan of Eabametoong First Nation - a multimedia artist  

Edward Perrier an Inuk Anishinaabe as Lollipop a pandemic drag beginner.  

It was wonderful to be able to bring all these people together before the current lockdown. i was only able to achieve this project because of the lack of community spread in Thunder Bay being isolated in the northern boreal forest has been a complaint of ours for years till the present situation. We count ourselves fortunate for our regional isolation.  

The seminars I chose to attend at the CBRC Summit 2020 was the land acknowledgement and the defund the police talk. and i watched from a previous year other talks from Andrew Gurza and Dr. James Makokis. This helped shape my need to incorporate the wealth of my region and that is its healthy two spirit population." 


Michel Dumont (Thunder Bay)

Boozhoo! My name is Michel Dumont i am a queer metis two spirit disabled a mixed media artist from north western Ontario I am the intersections of all these identities and it informs and quides my art process. I spent years being told not to identify as any these communities and i am grateful to be able to express myself fully.