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Community Fundraiser

We invite you to get started by completing the Third Party Proposal Form . This will help us connect with you and to understand what you are proposing for your event. A member of our team will be in touch with you within 3-5 days of receiving this proposal.

ACT can provide:

  • an endorsement letter to support you in your fundraising efforts on behalf of ACT;
  • a representative of ACT, where appropriate and available, to speak at your event;
  • advice to support your event planning
  • materials on work of ACT to support your efforts
  • a copy of the ACT logo for use on your marketing materials
  • promotion via social media platforms, like ACT’s Facebook and Twitter pages
  • charitable tax receipts where applicable, following Canada Revenue Agency guidelines
  • listing on the calendar of ACT website

ACT may work with you to develop a webpage to support your fundraising for certain events, such as challenges, pledged events or galas/dinners.

ACT cannot provide:

  • funding or reimbursement of your event expenses.
  • access to ACT mailing or email lists.
  • promotion or advertising outside of the ACT events calendar.
  • guarantee of attendance of ACT staff or volunteers at your event.
  • prizes, auction items or awards, or support the solicitation of said items.
  • any licenses, such as raffle or bingo, that would otherwise support the event.

More on Your Partnership with ACT:

Proceeds: We ask you to submit event proceeds within 60 days of the event date.

Charitable Tax Receipts: if your event was deemed eligible, we request appropriate back up information within 30 days to ensure proper processing of your supporters

Insurance: Organizers are responsible for securing adequate insurance for your event. ACT is not responsible for any damage, accidents or injuries to persons or property as a result of your event.

Permits: Organizers are responsible for securing the necessary licenses and permits to orchestrate their event. ACT does not assume any legal or financial responsibility. Where permits are needed, organizers must provide ACT proof of any permits or licenses.

Approvals: Organizers will provide ACT final approval of all event materials prior to them being printed and distributed.

For more information or to get started with Hosting a Fundraiser, contact