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For over 30 years, ACT has fostered a tradition of ground-breaking advocacy projects to advance the health and wellbeing of all people living with HIV and AIDS in Toronto. Originally formed by volunteer activists, the agency has taken a leading role in promoting safer sex and combatting HIV-related stigma in the public domain.

Find below you can find what we are currently work on. Have a project you’d like to have ACT get on board with? Contact ACT’s Communications Coordinator at

Universal Drug Coverage (Pharmacare)

For many years ACT has been advocating for a universal pharmacare program in Ontario and across Canada. The current patchwork system of drug coverage is insufficient and too often leaves people unable to fill their prescriptions. As people living with or at risk for HIV and other chronic diseases, drugs are an integral part of healthcare and we believe that income should not be a barrier to access. Moreover, we believe there is a strong economic and political argument in favour of national pharmacare. The establishment of OHIP+ in Ontario is a good step forward but more comprehensive changes still need to be made.

Black Lives Matter Toronto

ACT stands in solidarity with the activist group Black Lives Matter Toronto and supports their goals of eliminating police brutality, anti-black violence and making Pride a more inclusive event.

The fight of BLM against systemic racism and violent anti-blackness is our fight. It includes people living with HIV, of which African, Caribbean and Black (ACB) people make up an unacceptably high proportion. ACT has always worked with ACB communities and will continue to support community activism that aims to liberate marginalized groups and groups who carry a significant burden of HIV.

Safe Injection Sites in Toronto

A recent vote by Toronto’s City Council (36-3) crystalized an approach that was over 20 years in the making. Clean and safe drug gear has been vital to reducing the spread of HIV and continues to be today. In July, 2016, City Council approved a motion to establish three safe injection sites in Toronto, a move that will reduce the growing number of accidental overdoses and prevent new cases of HIV transmission. Read ACT’s position statement.