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Sexual health is much more than HIV:

Sexual health means feeling comfortable with who you are, who you’re attracted to, and how that attraction manifests itself. It also includes being aware of the risks and benefits of having sex, including consent, STIs, HIV, HIV disclosure, and reproductive health. If this sounds like a lot, that’s okay–we’re here to help.

ACT provides a range of sexual health information and support for gay and bisexual men, women and young people. See below for programs and services for each of these groups.

A major component of your sexual health is knowing your HIV status. If you are HIV-positive, starting HIV (antiretroviral) treatment is highly recommended, as it will improve your physical health and reduce the chances you’ll pass the virus on. If you don’t know your status, getting an HIV test is easy. Check out where you can get a test here.

With effective antiretroviral treatment, living well with HIV is entirely possible, and ACT is committed to helping you achieve your health goals. People living with HIV continue to have sex after they are diagnosed, though there is sometimes a transition period where people adjust to their new circumstances. ACT can also assist with planning your disclosure (talking about your HIV status).

Luckily, if you are on effective HIV treatment and your viral load is undetectable, you cannot pass the virus on through sexual activity Learn more about HIV risk and HIV treatment here. If you know you have a consistent undetectable viral load, then you can be sure that you are not at risk of passing on the virus!


Sexual health services at ACT: 

For Women
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ACT’s counsellors can help answer your sexual health questions and explore strategies to make you more comfortable having sex, entering relationships, and living well with HIV.

Find out more about ACT counselling

Women’s Support Programming

Have a question about having sex while HIV-positive? Or having children? Why not consult ACT staff or peers who have been through similar experiences?

ACT offers support programs for all women who are living with HIV. This includes cis and trans women, racialized women and women doing sex work. Find out more here.

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