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Women and HIV statistics via CATIE:

  • in 2014, 595 women were newly diagnosed with HIV, meaning there are now roughly 8,000 women living with HIV in Ontario
  • this is down from 663 new infections in 2011
  • 57 women were diagnosed in Toronto 
  • roughly 4 out of 5 transmissions were through having sex with a man
  • roughly 1 out of 5 transmissions were through sharing injection drug gear
  • 36% of new diagnoses in women were identified as black
  • 31% of new diagnoses in women were identified as Aboriginal
  • 24% of new diagnoses in women were identified as white


Programs and services at ACT for women

Women's Zone
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Held twice a month during the afternoon, Women's Zone offers the opportunity to learn about ways to better manage your health, the importance of nutrition, and an opportunity to interact with each other. Of the three sessions each month, one session focuses on learning, one is social in nature, and the other is a cooking session. Child minding subsidies are available through the Casey House Childcare Program.

For more information contact or call 416-340-8484 ext. 219

Women’s Coffee Night
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Held twice a month in the evening, this informal social support event for HIV-positive women provides an opportunity to connect with other women with HIV and learn from each other’s experiences. Child minding subsidies and public transit fare can be provided upon request. Please ask if either of these would make it easier to attend Women’s Coffee Night.

For more information, (including dates and times) or to register, contact or call 416-340-8484 ext. 219.  

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ACT’s PYO program is a free, peer-led program for young people (16-29) living with HIV. You heard us – PYO is a program for you and led by people just like you, who’ve been where you are before.

PYO’s main group meets weekly at ACT from 4 to 8 p.m. on Thursday afternoons but also offers a range of other supports.

Learn more about what PYO offers

Resources for Women
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One of ACT’s national partners has made these resources and others available to order. Find them at

Women’s Community Development
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ACT’s Women’s Community Development staff provide education, information and training to agencies in Toronto that work with women. In that way, these women’s based organizations can better integrate HIV education and support into their work. To find out more about our service-provider training programs about women and HIV call 416-340-8484 ext. 453 or 276.