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Registration Information

I Confirm that I / We are:

- Living with HIV.

- Registered Service User of ACT.

- Annual Income LESS than $45,000 (Singles).

- Annual Income LESS than $60,000 (Couples).

- Filing Taxes for the Province of ONTARIO only.

- Have all my Tax Documents ready for processing.

- Have Rent Receipts from my landlord (if applicable).

- Have a Property Tax Bill from my municipality (if applicable).

- Understand that the Income Tax Clinic has limited space and that there is no guarantee I will be given an appointment. 

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CRA Rules

We regret that the Tax Clinic CANNOT file Tax Returns for:

- Annual Income MORE than $45,000 (Singles) or $60,000 (Couples)

- Self-Employment

- Business Taxes or Business Expenses

- Earned Rental Income (Landlords)

- Declared Bankruptcy

- Estate Taxes

- Capital Gains from Investments

- Out of Province or Out of Country Taxes