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Registration Information

I Confirm that I / We are:

- Living with HIV.

- Registered Service User of ACT.

- Annual Income LESS than $45,000 (Singles).

- Annual Income LESS than $60,000 (Couples).

- Filing Taxes for the Province of ONTARIO only.

- Have all my Tax Documents ready for processing.

- Have Rent Receipts from my landlord (if applicable).

- Have a Property Tax Bill from my municipality (if applicable).

- Understand that the Income Tax Clinic has limited space and that there is no guarantee I will be given an appointment. 


The Income Tax Clinic is now fully booked. If you would like to join the waiting list please click below...

 Click here to register


CRA Rules

We regret that the Tax Clinic CANNOT file Tax Returns for:

- Annual Income MORE than $45,000 (Singles) or $60,000 (Couples)

- Self-Employment

- Business Taxes or Business Expenses

- Earned Rental Income (Landlords)

- Declared Bankruptcy

- Estate Taxes

- Capital Gains from Investments

- Out of Province or Out of Country Taxes