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The Kiki! is a new program for Queer & Trans folk happening every second Thursday! We only have 8 sessions left!

A kiki is a social gathering, usually for the purpose of casually 'kicking back,' gossiping, and sharing stories. "A kiki is a party for calming all your nerves."

What: The Kiki! will be a place for guys into guys who P’N’P (party-n-play, chemsex, or having sex while using substances) to come together, learn the basics of harm reduction, lead & participate in conversations around topics as varied as substance use stigma, to the experiences of racialized and minority groups in the P’N’P scene or safer use, amongst others and other group activities. It is a 10 week workshop and drop-in series proudly sponsored by ACT. The program is low barrier and works to meet people where they are at. There will be no behavioural change components and no basis in abstinence. Just a group of guys who are into other guys coming to Kiki, learn some drug-use best practice, spill some tea and build a stronger sense of community and understanding.


  • Cis and trans gay, bisexual and queer guys (including Two-Spirit and non-binary folks) who have experience with P’N’P,
  • Primarily party with crystal meth and GHB, along with other party drugs (cocaine, ketamine, ecstasy, MDMA, poppers, Viagra) 
  • Someone who is looking to improve their harm reduction practices or learn about other strategies to manage use 
  • Anyone who identifies they use sex & substance, and are not interested in traditional approaches or in stopping


Thursday, May 9th – September 12th

Every other week (see schedule below)

6:30pm – 8:30pm

ACT - 543 Yonge Street, 4th Floor

May 9 : Harm reduction kit making

May 23 : Substance use stigma

June 6: WTF is Harm Reduction Anyway?

June 20: Slam, Snort, Smoke, Dose & Booty Bump: The Safer Way

July 4:  Participants choice

July 18: Martha Stewart Living presents: Hosting Chemsex Parties on a Dime

August 1: ACB Perspectives: Substance Use and Intersectionality

August 15: Participants’ choice

August 29: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Communication, Consent, Boundaries & Safety 

September 12: Liberate you: An art project

Wheelchair access and all-gender washroom.

Snacks and TTC tokens will be provided.

Harm reductions supplies available.

For more information, please contact Jordan or Jacob at