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Advocate for the Care You Need

The Trans Health Card aims to reduce the frequency and severity of transphobic microaggressions in medical settings, including deadnaming, misgendering and identity erasure. This resource will encourage folks to proactively communicate key identity markers and gender-related health information. In doing so, we anticipate folks will gain an increased sense of control, autonomy, and safety when accessing healthcare, and reduce the number of trans and non-binary folks with unmet healthcare needs.


How to use:

  1. Download and print the Trans Health
    Card, or ...
  2. Pick up a blank Card at ACT or other
    partnering locations.
  3. Input the information you wish to
    share with your care providers.
  4. Fold the card like an accordion.
  5. Present your Trans Health Card along
    with your Ontario Health Card when
    accessing healthcare services.