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Booty bumping is one of the many ways that cis or trans, gay, bi, queer men choose to enjoy substances. Generally, booty bumping involves dissolving a water-soluble drug in water and then administering the drug up the bum using a needleless syringe.

Due to the thinness of the intestinal walls and lining, the drug is usually rapidly absorbed and typically produces a quicker and more intense high than swallowing. Guys sometimes administer the drug up their bum using a needleless syringe, or they may also finger drugs or capsules into their hole to booty bump. On this page, we will demystify this practice by exploring it further, and discuss some of the strategies around safer booty bumping and how to use a syringe. 

There are many reasons why queer guys choose to booty bump. Here is a list of some of those reasons:

  1. Booty bumping avoids irritation caused by smoking substances.
  2. Injecting drugs intravenously can pose a lot of risks to our health, skin, veins, and may lead to abscesses, sores or infection. Booty bumping can avoid most of these adverse side effects.
  3. Booty bumping may be a better alternative to snorting drugs, which can impair your sense of smell, irritate nasal mucosa, cause sinusitis, and lung infections.
  4. There is a faster come on and a more intense high than when swallowing or smoking.
  5. Booty bumping can be as efficient as slamming in some cases.
  6. Booty bumping can be appealing to guys in PnP spaces, because inserting the drug up the bum can become an eroticized experience.
  7. Additionally, depending on the drug (cocaine for example), booty bumping can potentially numb the bumhole potentially allowing for rougher sex and prolonged sessions that might be too uncomfortable otherwise.

Due to the rapid absorption of substances and because our bum does not have the same natural defenses as other routes of administrations, some care should be taken when booty bumping to reduce the risks.  Furthermore, the lining of the bum is thin, sensitive and easily damaged by abrasive chems. Here are some tips and strategies that can help support safer booty bumps!

  • The overdose potential for booty bumping is just as high, if not higher than other routes of administration. This is because there are a surprising number of blood vessels within your butt tissue, and they are designed to reabsorb water back into your blood.
    • This means that you should consider dosing half of what you would typically snort or ingest. You can always dose more later, but you cannot remove doses after a large dose.
  • Dissolve your drugs in sterile water – dissolving drugs dilutes them and makes it easier to booty bump. Not dissolving your drugs prior to insertion can cause burning and greater irritation. Use sterile water found in our kits, because you want to minimize germs entering your body.
  • Use a Tool! The needleless syringe provided in our kit offers you a safe and cheap way to administer the drug into your bum. This way you can measure how much liquid you’re putting in and keep it to a manageable dose.
  • Be careful when changing routes of administration for your drug. Your body may not be able to tolerate the same amount of drugs taken up the bum that you could otherwise easily smoke or swallow.
  • Use your own tool and try not to share. Sharing needleless syringes makes it possible to pass on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like Gonorrhea, HIV, or blood-borne infections like Hepatitis by trading butt juices with partners. Make sure you use your new or sanitized tools each time.
  • Use plenty of lube when inserting anything in your bum, this will reduce friction and lower the chances of damaging your bum.
  • Booty bumping comes with its own set of butt health related issues like anal fissures and hemorrhoids. Try to drink lots of water, eat fiber, and get your bum checked out if you notice pain when going to the bathroom.
  • Consider not bottoming while booty bumping. If you enjoy bottoming while high, try taking your drug via another route. Undissolved drug particles can cause excess damage to your bum, which can increase your risk for HIV and other STI’s during sex.
  • If bottoming while booty bumping, using a condom can reduce the chances of getting an STI and using PrEP can reduce your chances of contracting HIV.

  • Front hole bumps are a slower route of administration than up the bum.
  • The trips are not as strong with front hole bumping, because the tissue lining in front bits are thicker.
  • Sometimes the drug can remain in front holes for long periods of time. Be careful that if you have sex with your front hole later that it may activate any unabsorbed drug, potentially leading to high.
  • Some have reported adverse reactions to cocaine in the front hole during sex.

There are tools designed just for the purpose of inserting liquids into the bum, like a lube applicator. You can also use a needleless syringe that we provide in our toolkit.

Step by Step

  1. Poop.
  2. Prepare your drug in a solution. The more water, the better.
  3. Soak up the solution in your tool (needless syringe or lube applicator).
  4. Lie down, either on your side or back (whatever’s comfortable)
  5. Lubricate the outside of the syringe to allow for easier insertion.
  6. Insert the tool into your butthole in a comfortable position. Insert a few centimeters of the syringe or lube applicator, you do not have to insert it all the way.
  7. Hold onto your tool as you slowly press the plunger, allowing the drug solution to enter into your bum. Wait a couple of minutes with the tool still inside of you for the solution to absorb and not leak out. Then carefully pull the syringe out.

  • Crystal meth shards can burn your insides and potentially cause micro-injuries to the tissue inside your bum. Try to dissolve meth in a solution before inserting it up your butt.
  • Booty bumping MDMA is often described as a more intense way of using Ecstasy as it bypasses the digestion processes of eating it. Consider using less than what you would take orally so as not to overwhelm your nervous system.
    • Be wary of additives or impurities.
  • Similarly with MDMA, booty bumping ketamine can be more intense so consider taking less than what you would normally take.
  • Cocaine can numb the butthole, but be careful that it can also cause damage to your bum. If numbing your butthole is the goal, check out sex shops for numbing alternatives that are safer. Booty bumping coke is not consistently an effective way of delivering a sensation (though still as expensive!) as more traditional ways of consuming it.
  • GBL (stronger version of GHB) is known as a cleaner and can damage the lining of your ass if taken up the bum, essentially burning your insides. The onset is also tremendous and can immediately lead to unconsciousness. Consider taking really small doses with GBL, as GBL is also three times as strong as GHB.
    • GHB will not hurt as much, but pose a similar risk to GBL in a potential overdose. The body immediately absorbs the GHB and this can overwhelm your nervous system, leading to unconsciousness.
  • Mephedrone can also damage your bum linings, leading to pain and bleeding and increasing your chances of developing hemorrhoids.
  • Make sure you carry naloxone with you incase you feel off-put or an unexpected reaction from your drugs. Often drugs can be inadvertently laced with Fentanyl, so do not hesitate to administer naloxone if you suspect a potential overdose. It will not cause harm even if no opioids have been digested.

  • Unlike your mouth, your ass and front hole are not made for the consumption of substances. The lining is thin, and can be easily damaged, inflamed or disrupted by direct contact with substances or alcohol. There are mechanisms in your stomach and intestines that can help break down alcohol. These mechanisms are not present in your bum, meaning you are going to be absorbing even more concentrated and potentially lethal doses of alcohol.
  • Usually we puke out substances that our body cannot handle, however the butt doesn’t have a mechanism to register and eject toxic levels of alcohol consumption.
  • Your liver is responsible for eliminating toxins. The high rate of absorption from butt chugging means that your liver can get easily overwhelmed, which can be very dangerous.
  • If you are going to do an alcohol enema
    • Consider using very low concentrations of alcohol to give your body a chance to absorb it. If you are using a strong liquor, mix it with water to reduce the percentage.
    • Do not do it if you are already tipsy or drunk, as it will make it challenging to decipher between a lethal dose and a manageable dose.
    • Alcohol enemas are known to sting; the less concentration of alcohol you use the better. Do not use carbonated drinks, as this will irritate the lining of your ass.
    • Start low and go slow; it is best to practice starting with low doses and safe environments to understand how your body reacts
    • Do not try boofing or butt chugging spontaneously or alone. Make sure you are with someone who can call for support if necessary.