HIV Testing In Toronto

You may already know that standard HIV testing detects HIV antibodies (your body’s response to HIV), rather than the virus itself. And while we used to have to wait up to 3 months for antibodies to be at detectable levels to show up on an HIV test, testing in Ontario has improved and the guidelines have changed.

  • Antibodies: your body’s immune response to HIV, what shows up on an HIV test (rather than the virus itself).
  • Antigens: the p24 antigen is a specific part of HIV itself that some tests use to determine if HIV is present.
  • Window Period: the gap between the time a person is infected with HIV and the time when the antibodies are formed.

Many people will develop antibodies or have a detectable level of antigens with current testing technology within 4.5 weeks of exposure to HIV. Your tester may ask you to return after 6 weeks, and again after 3 months to get tested, just to make sure.  They may use antibody testing as well as testing technology that uses both P24 antigen testing along with antibody testing to help detect infections as early as possible.

Types of HIV Tests

The two main kinds of HIV tests available in Canada are the standard HIV test and the rapid HIV test.

Rapid HIV Test (Point of Care Test, Self-Test)

With a rapid test, you get an initial result within a few minutes of doing the test. Rapid tests are screening tests involving a few drops of blood from your finger. This means that if the test shows a positive (“reactive”) result, you usually will need to get a standard test to confirm the result. The Rapid HIV tests have 97% accuracy 3-months after exposure; your healthcare provider may ask you to get tested 3-weeks and 6-weeks after exposure using Rapid HIV tests. You might be able to get a rapid test from a healthcare provider or community worker, but this option isn’t available in every part of Canada. In regions where rapid tests are available, they are often provided at certain specialty clinics, such as sexual health clinics, or through HIV organizations. However, anyone in Canada can get a rapid self-test, which you can perform on yourself at home. Self-tests can be ordered online and may be available for free from community organizations or for purchase in some pharmacies.

Standard HIV Test

Many people get what is known as a standard HIV test. Blood is taken from a vein in your arm and sent to a laboratory for analysis. These tests will have a high degree of accuracy 6-weeks after exposure. It can take up to two weeks to get your result. Talk to the person who does your test about how you will get your test result. There are many places to get a standard HIV test, including family doctors’ offices, walk-in clinics and sexual health clinics.

Anonymous Testing for HIV

This type of Rapid HIV testing does not involve a health card and doesn’t appear on any public record linked to you. It is only offered for HIV and can only be done at designated sites in Ontario.  To find an Anonymous Rapid HIV test provider near you, contact:

Sexual Health Infoline Ontario (SHILO)

Toll-free: 1-800-668-2437
Local: 416-392-2437

Monday to Friday: 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday: 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Statutory holidays: Closed

Find out more about HIV testing strategies at CATIE and at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network.

HIV Testing Locations in Toronto

Target Community: Women
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, including barrier-free washrooms.

76 Grenville St. Floor 3 (map)Toronto, ON M5S 1B2

Tel: 416-351-3700

Hours: Monday/Friday (9am – 5pm), Wednesday/Thursday (9am – 8pm)

  • Appointments are required.
  • Rapid HIV testing is offered.

Services are for women ONLY.

Target Community: Primarily Francophones, but open to all.
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, including barrier-free washrooms.

555, Richmond St. West, (map)
Toronto, ON M5V 3B1

Tel: 416-922-2672
Fax: 416-922-6624

Hours: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday (8:30am – 4:30pm), Thursday (8:30am – 8pm)

  • Appointments are required.
  • Standard HIV test (blood draw) only.
  • Rapid HIV testing not available.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, including barrier-free washrooms.

66 Gerard Street East 2nd floor (map)
Toronto, ON M5B 1G3

Tel: 416-922-0566 
Fax: 416-922-2018

Women’s Clinic Hours: Monday/Wednesday/Friday (10am – 3pm), Tuesday/Thursday (4pm – 8pm)

Men’s Clinic Hours: Monday/Wednesday (4pm – 8pm), Tuesday/Thursday (10am – 3pm), Friday (4 – 7pm), Saturday (10am – 2pm)

  • Appointments are required for HIV testing.
  • Anonymous Testing available.

Rapid HIV testing & Standard HIV testing available.

Target Community: gay, bi, and queer guys (cis and trans and non-binary)
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible.

790 Bay Street, Suite 820 (map)
P.O Box 66, Toronto, ON M5G 1N8

Tel: 416-521-4445

Hours: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday (12pm – 7:30pm), Friday (12pm – 5:30pm)

  • No appointment necessary.
  • Rapid HIV testing & Standard test (blood draw) available.

Accessibility: Venue is not accessible.
Target Community: Youth (ages 13 – 29) only

36-B Prince Arthur Avenue (map)
Toronto ON M5R 1A9

Tel: (416) 961-0113
Fax: 416-961-2512/416-961-9856

Hours: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday (12:30 – 7:30pm), Wednesday (3:30 – 7:30pm), Friday (12:30 – 3:30pm), Saturday (9:30am – 2pm)

  • No appointment necessary.
  • Standard HIV test (blood draw) only.
  • Rapid HIV testing not available.

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, including barrier-free washrooms. One designate disabled parking spot.

168 Bathurst Street (map)
Toronto, ON M5V 2R4

Tel: 416-703-8482 ext. 100 to book appointment
Fax: 416-703-6190

Hours: Thursday/Friday (9:30 – 11:50am)

  • Appointments are required. Call 416-703-8482 ext. 100 to book an appointment.
  • Anonymous Rapid HIV tests available on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Target Community: People who use Drugs & Homeless/ houseless

Address260 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2L9

Monthly Drop-in:

Every second last Thursday of the month 9 am – 12 pm

Contact the HIV Program Lead for more information:

Tel: (647) 463 5972

From 9am – 6pm via call & text message

  • No appointment necessary.

Rapid HIV testing is offered.

Target Community: Racialized Women

Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible, including elevator & barrier-free washroom

2 Carlton Street, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M5B 1J3
Tel: 416-593-7655
Clinical Services: 416-593-7655, Ext. 7
Hours of Operation:

Monday, Thursday and Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Tuesdays and Wednesdays 9 am – 8 pm
Every 3rd Saturday 10 am – 4 pm

  • Appointments are required.

Rapid HIV testing is offered.

HIV Self-Testing

HIV Self-Testing Kits are Rapid HIV tests, meaning that the results will appear within a few minutes. These HIV Self-Tests are available for anonymous delivery right to your doorstep, or for pickup at ACT’s office.

I’m Ready

  1. Download the “I’m Ready, Test” & set up a anonymous user ID. Answer survey questions to determine your demographic and level of risk.
  2. Choose how you get your self-test kit: mail-out delivery OR pick-up. Mail out can take 1-2 weeks, and pickup at ACT is readily available.
  3. Conduct the test wherever you are comfortable! Follow the instructions on the Test app to perform the test effectively. Answer the follow-up questions on the app after you get your results.

 Download the “I’m Ready, Talk” to connect with a Peer Navigator for support. Answer survey questions to match you with the right Peer. Pick your preferred communications (i.e. video chat, text, voice call, etc.) Book an appointment to speak with your Peer: Monday – Friday from 12:00pm-10:00 pm

Recommended: Have your appointment with your Peer booked before you test yourself. A Peer can assist you during your test and counsel you before and after. 


  1. Go to Scan and sign the consent form. Create an account with your mailing address and contact info so GetaKit can send you a kit and contact you for follow-up purposes. Answer some survey questions to determine your demographics and level of risk.
  2. Choose how you get your self-test kit: mail-out delivery OR pick-up. Mail out can take 1-2 weeks, and pickup at ACT is readily available.
  3. Conduct the test wherever you are comfortable, using the instructions on the box.

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