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Gay Men

Gay men

Gay and bisexual men have shouldered a disproportionate impact of HIV and AIDS for too long. We’re working to change that. Gay* men’s health and well-being are often seen only through the lens of HIV, but we view it more broadly. Gay men’s health at ACT is both life-affirming and forward-looking.

Gay men are a priority community for ACT. Here’s why:


Programs and Services for Gay Men
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ACT is committed to the health and well-being of all gay men, regardless of their HIV status. We have a range of Group Programs for gay men that address issues related to depression, anxiety, substance use and body image, as well as programs for younger gay men that help them build resilience and community. We offer mental health counselling at ACT offices and in the community. Our staff are also trained to develop and deliver sexual health Outreach and Community Education programs.

ACT’s Strategic Direction
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As part of ACT’s Strategic Plan, Together Towards Zero, we are committed to leading in this area of healthcare because we have the experience, staff, and knowledge. Given our history and connection to the gay community in Toronto, we recognize the urgent need for leadership within this area, and are proud to be among those working towards building better supports for the different facets of our health.

Resources for Gay Men’s Health
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Each year, ACT has produces resources that address issues pertaining to gay men’s health. Here’s what we have produced lately:

One of ACT’s national partners has made these resources and others available to order. Find them at

* We have chosen to use the term “gay” recognizing that this term may not resonate with all gay/bi/queer/2 Spirit men (including queer trans men). Our objective is simplicity of language and we recognize that our services and service networks must be equally skilled at being relevant and accessible to all men who have sex with men, regardless of how they understand their sexuality in relation to their core identity.