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Expanded HIV testing may find more acute infections as well as more late presentersExpanding HIV testing into local hospitals and primary care may not only find more people who have lived with HIV for a long time without knowing it, but may also find more people who have only recently become infected, a pilot study from Vancouver in Canada has found.
PEP Can Stop You From Getting HIV: A Conversation with ACT's Duncan Maclachlan.Week-long series on PEP. PositiveLite talks with Duncan MacLachlan, the Manager of Community Health Programs at the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), to find out about PEP, its effectiveness and its availability.
Beyond "Poz" and "Neg": Five HIV Statuses, Plus a New OneTo have a meaningful conversation about HIV status, people should... keep it to-the-point and ask the following questions: "When did you last test for HIV? What was the test result?" Equally important is to open minds to reality by remembering that the time of binary HIV statuses is pretty much over.