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ACT Income Tax Clinic

Filing your personal income tax return can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with ODSP and other health-related deductions. If you are a person or spousal couple living with HIV and would like to have someone assist you with filing your taxes, we offer a free clinic that has qualified consultants who volunteer their time to hold one-on-one sessions.

Eligibility: living with HIV and a registered service user with ACT (Intake appointments available)

Ineligibility criteria specific to the tax clinic (our clinic is not for you if you meet any of the following criteria):

  • income more than $45,000 per year
  • self-employed
  • persons operating a profitable commercial business
  • declared bankruptcy
  • capital gains from investments
  • out of Province or Country Taxes

To register or for more information, please call 416-340-2437 ext. 412

Additional information

  • we do not offer phone consultations
  • we require 24-hour notice of cancellation of booked appointments
  • ACT reserves the right, due to the high demand of services during the tax season of February to May each year, to refuse an additional booking to anyone who cancels at the last minute or does not show for their appointment
  • a missed appointment can be considered for rescheduling during the slower times of the year